The benefits of Zink

1. It shortens the common cold.

2. The body needs zink to fight bacteria and viruses.

The amount of zink in the body is 2 to 3 g and is stored in fluid, bones, tissues and organs.

3. it is essentioal for growth. It is used in the process of cell division.

4. It is also used in metabolising of fats and sugars and helps to regulate and express insulin. It is also linked to the sense of smell and taste.

5. It improves pregnancy outcomes for mothers and infants.

7 Powerful Health Benefits of Raw Cacao

Benefits of Raw Cacao

1. Powerful Anti-inflammatory Properties. The best way to reduce chronic inflammation is through the foods we eat. Raw cacao has flavonoids whick is linked to reduce the risk of some cancers, diabetes, arthritus, depression and Alzheimer's disease.

2. The best plant-base source of essential iron. Raw cacao has 7.3 mg of iron per 100g, more than beef and lamb. It needs to be consumed with Vit. C to be absorbed.

3. Contains more calcium than traditional dairy options. Calcium requires a vitamine component for absorbtion. Vit D is crucial for calcium absorption. The best source of Vit D is still sunlight.

4. Magnesium for healthy hearts, blood and brain. Magnesium turns glucose into energy enabling your brain with shapness and clarity. Add a teaspoon to your morning smoothie.

5. May help reducing Diabetes. The flavonoids increase insulin sensitivity.

6. Promotes healthy digestion and relief from IBS(Irritable Bowel Syndrome). It has a dietary impressive fiber content that's necessary for digestive health. It reduces the risks and symptoms of IBS.

7. A natural mood lifter and anti-depressant. It is because of the serotonin, tryptophan, tyronine and phenylethylamine properties present.









My latest daily painting

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7 Ways to fight Auto-immune Disease

Many people suffer with symptoms related to this disease without knowing that they have it. You can relieve yourself of many of the following:

1. Test for Gluten sensitivity.

2.  Check that your Hormone levels are in balance.

3. Take an IGG Blood AllergyTest.

4. Work on healing your gut. (I think many diseases start with a leaky gut).

5. Get enough sleep at night.

6. Address any pre-existing conditions.

7. Take steps to manage your stress.

While relaxing in Montagu, I did a few watercolour paintings by only drawing with pen. No place for errors

This house captured my attention because the pavement was intricately decorated with white and red stone and the crosses are done with wooden poles

Keto Cheese Cake Bites


1 cup (c) Almond flour

2 Tablespoons (T)sweetener

3 T melted butter


450 grams (g) cream cheese at room temperature

1/2 c sweetener

1 egg at room temperature

1 teaspoon (t) vanilla essence

1 t lemon zest

1/2 t salt


225 g Fruit

2 T water

1 t lemon juice

1 t sweetener

1. Preheat oven 325degrees. Line cupcake pan.

2. Combine flour, sweetener and melted butter.

3. Scoop a T size crust into cupcake liner and press down. Set aside.

4. Whisk cream sheese, sweetener, salt and egg, vanilla essence and zest.

5. Scoop 2 T of filling in the cupcake liners.

6. Bake 20 min. Allow to cool. 

7. Add all glaze ingredients in a saucepan and simmer for 20 min.

8. Add a dollop of glaze on each mini cheese cake. Serve.

9. Store left over in fridge in a sealed container. Freeze well.


Keto mini cheese cakes with grenadella glaze and blue berry glaze

Craving sugar?

By now you should not crave much sugar if you have followed and done my way of eating but if you still do, cut out refined carbohydrates!

Follow the Sugar Detox 4 ways to balance sugar cravings:

When the body is craving sugar, it likely means the exact opposite of what our body needs!

Some of the most commonn things people experience when craving or detoxing from sugar is,

* intense thirst or dehydration, but reaches for fast acting food instead of just having a glass of water,

* Inability to concentrate and mood swings. Sugar triggers chemical reactions in the brain that influences stress, anxiety and depression.

* Afternoon energy slumps! By eating fast digesting carbs, we don't get the correct nutrients to maintain a consistent level of energy thoughout the day.

* Lack of quality sleep. If you slowly ease out sugar intake and working healthy swaps into your meals, your sleeping patterns will slowly regulate and find their norm.


So what I do to stop the sugar cravings?

1. Hydrate and flush out the sugar with lemon water, apple cider vinegar in water, green tea, rooibos with cinnamon and ginger tee.

2. Include healthy fats e.g. dressings make with avocado oil, olive oil and coconut oil.

3. Daily green juices. I use a juices because I don't like the thickness of juices done by the liquidizer. Although the fiber in the latter is good for you. Today I made my green juice with baby spinach, ginger, apple and cucumber.

4. I replace my sugar with erythritol or xilitol. But if you don't battle with diabetes you can try dates, honey or fresh fruit.

I used valuable information from the Foodmatters.



A selfportrait - impossible to be objective. Painted in Montagu. I need guidenceow to do a selfportraith

Mia-mae du Plessis

Anna-May de Kock

Flute Player finished.

I am so ecstatic that it came out the way I wanted it. So part of my road to a healthier me! Get a hobby or do something that makes you happy!




This morning I received bad news from a lifelong friend! In our young days we were healthy, energetic and had a lot of fun together. Now many years later,  we are much older and unhealthy. He also has diabetes and yesterday the doctor amputated his toe. This reminded me of my sister-in-law who lost her sight and both her legs to diabetes when she was in her late forties. This motivated and made me more determined to reverse my insulin. So this morning I urge you to take a stand to improve your health no matter what aches and pains you have! Start by improving your diet, your gut will be so happy. In fact I think most diseases start in the gut. There are so much information on you tube to start with. Off cause sometimes you won't agree but that is also right. You can choose what to implement. And with these changes you get a bonus of loosing weight as well with no effort at all. Do keep your body moving as well to keep all the joints and muscles happy. I have lost 4 kg the past 3 months just by eliminating the carbs of grains, potato, corn, pasta and sweet potato.


Johan van der Walt

Far from finish but working on my series Mood Music. Done in oil on board 600 x 450 mm

I had to stop painting for two days as my back went into spasm because of an uncomfortable posture while painting. 

To make the preparation of something for tea easy when visitors pitch unexpectedly.

How, where and why I started this blog.

My daughters encouraged me to start this blog as they have seen how my health was changed for the better. May be there are others battling to get a grip on their health as well. May be you have also tried everything from diets, exercise, dieticians etc.

I was diagnosed a diabetic 20 years ago.I have a history of diabetics in the family. I also did everything I was told by doctors and dietician. Low GI foods, the special diet of 5 small meals per day, the exercise etc.  During these 20 years my diabetes became worse, neuropathy, deteriorating eye sight, infections and a high A1c count were all part of daily living and my struggles. In fact it became so complicated that I had to inject thrice a day. I was disappointed, sad and depressed. What was I to do?   

Then came lockdown! This influenced me even worse, along with my bad experience with my diabetes that I went into a depression. I stopped painting all together. I just wanted to be alone and sulk. I was so depressed but didn't realize the impact immediately. I yearned after my art and creativity but could not get so far to take up a paint brush. Eventually I decided to do scrap booking on Israel and Jordan. It would give me quick results and satisfaction with little effort. It was an incredible trip with my family in 2019. 

I unpacked all my scrapbook stuff and for many hours got lost in the memories of this holiday. The house was in shambles. This went on for months. But then I got bored with doing the same thing day after day.

Inflammation enhancers

There are many more foods that should be avoided. These are the ones that I still need to eliminate from my diet.

* processed food: bacon, sausage and gammon

* msg in salad dressing and gluten

* aspartame in sweetners (so read the labels to exclude aspartame)

* casein in milk and dairy

* omega 6 in mayonaise (make your own mayo)




Bladder infection remedy

For bladder infection you can try Cystitis 30c from Pegasus at your Health Shop and 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar in a glass of water.


Pain is an inevitable part of life and of growth; a beneficial part!

1. It lets you know when there is something in your body that is wrong and needs to be corrected.

2. It forces you to acknowledge that there is a  condition you did not know about: one that could possibly take you life.

3. It lets you rearrange your priorities and schedule and makes you seek help.

4. It makes you willing to seek and receive treatment you would not necessarily enjoy, but with the belief that it will make you whole again.

You get the idea? Strange as it may seem, the more you resist pain and fear, the stronger it gets.

When you experience pain don't fight it. Step through it and allow it to reach the goal.

The Bible says:"....when you end up in all kinds of trials, you should actually be very happy. You know when one's faith endures a test, it causes you to persevere to the end, then you will achieve your life purpose and be mentally healthy. You will lack nothing".(James 1:2-4) From The Word For Today.

I want to quickly recap on my health journey thus far and share with you what happened so far, as to motivate you, if that is what you need. I'm on the Keto diet (low carb and healthy fat)since November 2020. It was not easy! It entailed determination and lots of sacrifice and even disappointment and pain at times. But to date I changed many habits for the better, lost 5 kg, has more energy and I even find a sharpness in my memory, my neuropathy in my feet is less painful and bladder infection cleared up.  Over-all I'm very satisfied with myself.

What changes did I make? I cut out all regular flour, pasta, potato and rice. I use almond flour, dark chocolate for the sweet tooth, and oat milk. I replaced all sugar with sweetener. I do aqua--aerobics 3x a week and try to walk everyday at least 2 km. Painting, word searches and Netflix are my hobbies. My advise is: Try to stick to your daily planning, it helps to be organized when you are a bit ADHD.

I'm looking forward to hear you take on things!