After the scrap book phase I got a new craze. I watched Netflix days on end. I think they call it ' binge'. I eventually stumbled on interesting videos concerning my battle with the disease on You Tube. To my amazement I found it new and informative. The more I watched the more clearly it became that I will have to drastically change my habits and diet. I watched and listened to all these knowledgeable doctors and people on the Keto diet. I had the time to research the diet and their benefits and try out the recipes.

I made a few radical changes. This was not easy but I was determined. I swop all purpose flour for almond and coconut flour because of their low carb count. I swop dairy cause it has sugar in it for oatmilk (I don't like the taste of almond milk) I looked at the plate size of my food. Half the plate veggies and salad, a 1/4 plate the size of my palm, my meat portion and the other 1/4( avo, olive oil, cheese or mayonaise) healthy fats. My snacks in between meals used to be fruit, now I cut that out and bake a keto cake in a mug in 50 sec. If I eat fruit it will be part of a meal in my salad. I swop my Earl Grey tea for herb tea with cinnamon. Everyday I start my day with the juice of a lemon in a glass of water. 

I had terrible IBS and constipation in the first week and I was tired but it is fixed. It is because the food had less roughage as I omitted the starches that usually have roughage.To fix that I drink the lemon water, eat lots of veggies and stay hidrated. Do self massage for constipation and WATCH You Tube(Yoga Lifestyle with Melissa) if you want first hand knowledge. Don't eat rice, potato and sweet potato. I have to test my bloodsugar regularly before each meal to decide how much  insulin I need. I concluded that when injecting to much insuline I go into lows that can cause a heart attack or stroke. Then I have to have some kind of sugar to push the sugar level up. It was thus important to know which foods tend to spike my sugar. It was also important to stabelize the use of insulin to limit the complications. I started to make notes on what my fasting bloodsugar is. To high A1c levels (fasting sugar) can lead to all kinds of diseases as well as make you IR (insulin resistant).