Two fuels: sugar and fat

The body runs on two fuels. Sugar from carbohidrates (carbs) and fuel from fat. So if you eat a ketogenic diet, the carbs are so low that the body is forced to use its own fat, it is called ketosis. This is a bargain because without hunger pangs and deprivation one even looses weight. The healthy fats keep you satisfied for a long period of time. Low carbs does not spike the sugar so one needs less insulin. Insulin makes you fat, whether it is body fat or that your intestines are covered in unhealthy fat, hence an apple shape body for most diabetics. It is a strick low-carb diet and gluten-free. It gives you energy to! It is based on real whole foods for e.g. meat (0.8g for every kg of body weight), fish, eggs, cheese, veggies (less than 20 grams of carbs a day) and no processed foods.

Watch Dr. Eric Berg-Practical Keto on You Tube.

I've been on the ketogenic diet for two month and lost 3 kg. This is not my goal, my main aim is to reverse my insulin resistance! 

When starting on Keto a few things can go wrong as your body adjust to the new diet. You can get Keto flu as your body gets withdrawel symptoms or Keto fatique because the carbs that one use  eat retained lots of liquid, so drink more fluids and electrolytes and salt as sodium is washed out by the kidneys.