What to eat in a day

It is very delibetating when you go to the doctor for a check up and he is ready to prescribe another tablet instead of looking for other possible solutions. I'm already on many tablets a day and don't want more if I can prevent it.  That is when it is time to take controle of your own health. I should have done it long ago. It is my own fault.

Take controle of your own health and get information and knowledge that can help to asses what need to be done by you. Change your diet and start reading the labels of what you buy. Empty you pantry of what you can't eat. It is healthy for the whole family.

This is not a quick fix, disease develop over time. Getting healthy will also take time.

Please watch on You Tube: Eating for reversing diabetes by Dr. Ryan Sheldon - Zenith Labs.

Make your own salad dressing

2/3 cup (c) olive or avocado oil

1/3 c wine vinegar or lemon juice

1 Tablespoon seed mustard

Herbs of you choice

Himalayan salt and freshly groaned pepper

What about a healthy broth with very little carbohydrate. I absolutely love this.

When I buy a smoked gammon, I cook it in a pot of water, add an onion, celery leaves and carrot. 

When the gammon is cooked you have a very tasty broth as well. I liquidize the veggies and add salt and pepper to taste. You can have as many mugs during the day as you like with no ill effect. 

Chicken broth When you buy a fresh whole chicken and cut it up into portions, use the carcas to make chicken broth. Add the carcas to a pot of water and add the following:

1 teaspoon (t) turmeric

1 t ginger

1 t crushed garlic


1 t cumin

Cut the fillets of the chicken into strips. Cook the chicken in coconut oil and  add soy sauce to taste. Cool the chicken and use in your colourful salad. (Remember as many colour as possible)

Now I told you that the Ketogenic Diet's aim is to get you in ketosis, a fat burning state. Please watch Dr Sten Ekberg"s video on 10 Key signs that you are Fat Adapted. This means that you are using your own fat. This leads to you are less hungry, you have less carbohidrate crawings, mentally more clear, you have more energy and the body will be able to heal. I'm not a dr so I can only speak from experience. Try this diet and see for yourself. Our bodies are able to heal itself but needs a little assistance. I would love to  hear about your experience. 

Night cap remedy for sound sleeping

1 cup boiling water

1Chamomile teabag

1/4 teaspoon(t) ginger

juice of half a lemon

1 t organic raw honey 

Stir and drink 20 minutes before going to bed.