Exercise to reduce Health Risks

* Reduce the risk of Heart Disease, Hipertension and Diabetes

* It reduces Insulin Resistance

* Reduce abdominal Fat and leads to weight loss

* Reduce the risk of Osteoporosis and hip fractures and falls

* It reduces chronic pain and stress

* It reduces the risk of Altzheimers, and certain cancers e.g. breast and colon cancer,

prostate, endometrial and lung cancer with between 20-50% as well as recurrence of cancer and early death.

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How much exercise?

Look at Diabetes and exercise by Stanford Health Care

This is a short summary of what they say, but they also show exercises for seniors.

They recommend 30 minutes moderate exercise 3 to 5 times a week. How hard must you exercise? You must still be able to talk and maybe be a bit out of breath.

How to safely start

1. Think of where you are in your fitness.

2. Find a buddy to exercise with you. Sometime you need to be push in committing yourself for their sake.

3. Let your body dictate what you can do.

4. Make attainable goals e.g. how long, how frequent, what time.

5. Start with 5 minutes out and 5 minutes back.

6.If you are fatigued, take a nap.


Low blood sugar symtoms

When you have any of these symtoms it means you need to eat. Don't just grab anything! Be prepared with something that would stabilize the sugar. That may be anything from an egg or avocado or bread in a cup(see the recipe earlier) with cheese, there are many opsions.


1. hungry       2.  shakey               

3 headaches. 4 tired                       

5.irritated      6. sweaty

Plan meals and treats. See the treat recipes earlier in the blog.