What is fasting?

It means to abstain from all or some kind of food or drink especially as a religious observance but for me it is to be deprived of some kinds of food, for medical or experimental reasons.

So for me it is intermittent fasting! The biologically effect of fasting for me is that my insulin must not rise to more that 8. I had to practise till I could do my 16 hours. The convensional advise from the doctor or dietician would be 5 small meals. For many years I tried this but my diabetes escalated so much that I had to inject 3x a day with handsful of tablets. 

I started off with 3 meals and had breakfast at 9, later 10, then at 11 o'clock and now I manage 12 noon. Then I have a baked treat with my coffee by 4 and supper by 6 o'clock. So now I manage two meals a day. I test my sugar before each meals and inject insulin according to the reading. Controle your hunger!

At first when you start off, have a glass of water with lemon juice, a green juice and coffee, tea, till breakfast. You'll be amazed at how long you can go without food.  

Then I have a big plate of food with 2 rashers of bacon, 1/2 banana or 1 slice of pineapple cooked in coconut oil, a fried tomatoe and 125 g fried mushrooms. If you are still hungry bake a bread in a cup and fry in butter.

Happy fasting till we speak again.