7 Reasons why you fail on Keto.

1. Rushing into keto! Dr. Alexander H Blackwell says "Keto is a very knowledge-based diet. It's very true! I made many mistake because of my lack of knowledge. Have a plan and plan ahead.

2. A lack of enough B vitamins will leave you tired and lethargic. B vitamins are mostly in whole grains. So opt for meat, eggs and dairy. Combine with seeds and nuts and vegetables like spinach and broccoli.

3. Eating to many carbs. The big secret why the ketogenic diet works is ketosis.

Ketosis is a intense fat-burning state. Instead of using carbohydrates for energy, our body uses our fat as fuel. So limit your carbs.

Go slow on fruit. The recommended carb intake is 5% of your total calories.

4. Eating to much protein. When our body digest protein, it converts a small amount to glucose that will slow down your body's ability to go into ketosis. 

Important: Include nut butters, olive oil and avocado in every meal to keep from craving and keep a check on your protein intake.

5.Not eating enough fiber? Fiber is essential to regulate digestion and hunger. It helps long-lasting energy and a steady blood glucose level.

6. Leptin resistance - Leptin is a fat - controlling hormone. It sends signals to the brain to say you are full.

But when your body produces to much leptin, you brain stops receiving the signal.

To fix leptin resistance.

* sleep enough

* don't overeat on processed foods

* get rid of the stress

"Healthy sources of protein, fat and fiber are proven to help improve sleep,  decrease sugar pangs, and combat snacking habits."

7. Your aim should be: get healthy first and you'll loose the weight in time to.

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