10 Incredible red foods

1. Rasberries are rich in dietary fiber and Vit C.

2. Tomatoes has a low GI index of 15 and is rich in Vit A,B and E. It reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.

3. Raddichio looks like red cabbage and has a bitter taste. It has a GI of 32. It is fat and cholesterol free, rich in fiber and Vit K. Reduces blood clods, is a pro-biotic, improves insulin levels and is good for gut health, digestion, weight loss and reduces a fatty liver.

4.Red plums have many nutrients, Vit A, C, K and manganese. Reduce inflammation and is an anti-oxidant. It also reduces glucose levels. Cooked plums are higher in fiber content that fresh fruit.

5. Pomegranates are 3x higher in anti- oxidant than green tea and has a low GI of 18. The juice can lower glucose levels. Put the pips in a salad.

6. Kidney beans in controle portions can stabilise glucose levels and hunger and prevent colon cancer. Kidney beans have many nutrients like magnesium and iron.

7. Beetroot contains anti-oxidants and prevent cardiovascular decease. 1/2 cup juice daily will reduce glucose levels considerably.

8. Cranberries can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and help the digestive and cardiovascular systems.

9. Red onions are rich in chromium and is an anti-oxidant. It reduces insulin levels in diabetics and can protect against strokes and heart disease. It has a low GI of 10.

10. Bell peppers are rich in Vit C, magnesium and is an anti-oxidant. It protects against inflammation, slow digestion of carbs down and boost circulation. It has a low GI and a high amount of fiber. The red pigmentation has a high amount of anti-oxidants and lessen Insulin Resistance and blood sugar levels.

The info is from Diabetes Smart