Are you still craving sugar after all the effort you are putting in?

There are 4 ways to balance sugar cravings.

When the body is craving sugar, the best way around the symptoms, is very likely the very opposite of what our body needs.

Some of the most common things I experienced when craving or detoxing from sugar was

* intense thirst or dehydration. I think most of us reach for fast acting food but we actually craving a glass of water.

* afternoon energy slumps. By reaching for fast-absorbed, fast-burning sources of energy our bodies don't have the correct nutrients to maintain a consistent level throughout the day.

* unable to concentrate and changed moods. Sugar has been shown to trigger chemical reactions in the brain that influence stress. anxiety and depression.

* a lack of quality sleep. But slowly easing out sugar intake and working healthy swaps into my meals, my sleeping patterns slowly regulated and found a good norm.

Now the 4 ways are:

1. Hydrate and flush out the sugar.

2. Include healthy fats and proteins (not more than 60g).

3. Drink daily a green juice.

4. Use natural sugar where needed e.g. dates, coconut sugar, maple syrup, honey or stevia or a piece of fresh fruit.

Healthy smoothie recipes

1. Protein purple smoothie - hemp, almond butter, flax and blueberries

2. Pineapple matcha smoothie - spinach, pineapple and green tea for lasting energy and health

3. Salad smoothie - avo, cucumber, lime, mango and shallots

4. Beetroot turmeric juice - beet, carrot and turmeric

5. Green juice - kale, celery, lemon, ginger and cilantro

If the juices are to thick add a cucumber or spring water.