What is a leaky gut?

Hippocrates claimed 'all disease begins in the gut' and increase scientific research is proving him right.

Read how a leaky gut impacts your mind and what you can do to restore a healthy gut.

What is a leaky gut?

Leaky gut is a inflammatory condition in which the gut lining is compromised and becomes 'leaky' allowing inflammatory molecules out of the gut into your bloodstream.

The food passes throughout the body along with bacteria, viruses and toxins. Inside our gut there is a lining a single cell thick that forms a protective barrier to separate the contents of the gut from the bloodstream.

Our gut microbiome is full of probiotics which protects the gut. Unfortunately, enviromental influences like stress, medication, food additives and chemicals can change the balance in our gut, eventually causing inflammation in the gut. Now the gut leaks and the harmful intruders come through. The immune system detects the harmful substance and sends a message to the brain. The inflammation triggers an autoimmune response, affecting many systems and cause many problems throughout the body, eg. stomach pain, fatique, irregular bowel movements, bloating, gas, headaches, skin disorders and joint pain.

What is a leaky brain?

When you have a leaky gut, there is body wide inflammation and your brain will experience inflammation too. This gut-brain connection is a big part of how a leaky gut influences your mind.

It leads to depression, anxiety and brain fog.

For more indepth explanation please go to The Gut-Brain Solution by Sarah Otto.

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