The benefits of Sweet Potato

I only eat sweet potato occationally for lunch as it still spikes my sugar. I don't eat any high GI foods for supper as I battle to lower my A1C during the night.

1. Lower glycemic load 20 per 100 g.

2. More nutrient dense, rich in fiber, vit A. C and B6 and essential minerals - manganese,  potassium and copper. 

3. It supports a thriving Immune System. Orange fleshed sweet potatoes are one of the richest sources of beta-carotene, a plant base compound that is converted to vit A in your body. Vit.A is critical to a healthy immune system.

4. Promote thriving gut health.

Sweet potatoes contribute to thriving digestion and incredible gut health. They contain soluble and insoluble types of fiber. Some of these fibers are fermented by bacteria in the colon, creating short chain fatty acids that supports the cells of your intestinal lining. They are also rich in antioxidants and lowers incidences of IBS and infectious diarrhea.

5.May offer cancer-fighting properties with the presence of anthocyanins (anti-oxidants).

6. Support healthy vision and eye health. After beta-carotine is converted to vit A, it is used to help support light receptors in the eyes. Anthocyanins also protecs against all damage in the eyes.

7. Improves brain function. Anthocyanins supports brain function and longevity. It reduces inflammation and free radicals, which can leadto cell death and impair brain function.

8. Help to manage stress levels. Sweet potatoes also contain magnasium which science has shown it is beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety. Deficiencies leads to depression.

9. Protect the body against ulcers. Ulcers is painful and problematic. Ulcers occur due to the shedding of inflamed tissue, but the methanol extract in sweet potatoes has been linked to decreased occurence of ulcers especially related to aspirin and painkillers.

Hetta's sweet potato recipe

Rinse and dry sweet potatoes. Cooked enough sweet potatoes in aluminium foil in the oven, for a meal. Fry about 1/2 cup chicken bits for each sweet potato in oil, add Thai green curry paste to taste and 1/2 cup of coconut milk. Cook chicken till just done, don't overcook. Cool cooked chicken. 

How to assemble:

Put a cooked sweet potato on a plate. Cut  lengthwise, put cream cheese dollops on each half, add chilli jam mixed with watermelon jam to taste. Then put the chicken on top, add cut up dates and coriander leaves.