Rooivlei Karoo Retraite

I went in October on a retraite deep in the Karoo on a farm, called Rooivlei with some unfamiliar ladies, for a few days. The retraite involves the following activities such as drawing or painting, discussions and was jampacked with activities, eg. painting on an apron (everything we needed were supplied - pictures, paints and brushes}. Another activity was painting with acrylic paints. We had to choose a verse which motivated us to paint a story of what Jesus means to us. We also painted a landscape with watercolour, depicting the Redemptive names of the Lord and used Jotham's Parable of the trees {Judges 9:9-20} to make a meaningful painting of our choice of a tree that means something special to each of us. We also wrote a Psalm or song to sing God's praises for His goodness and grace. We also spoke about where lies our identity . What we say about ourselves and what others say about us and what God says about us. He created us with 7 needs: and where do I fit  in his ministry, eg. which redemption gift do I have {prophet, servant, teacher, exhorter, giver, ruler or mercy].

One of our group discussions was on hearing God's voice: the different ways of hearing His voice and keys to understand the creative ways in which He speaks.  

We also had a spiritual walk, representing the time from Easter to Pentecost: with Communion at the foot of a wooden cross on a hill. There were 10 stations where we pondered on questions of what each of these stations meant to us with answers from the Bible. 

I rekindled my relationship with my Lord. It was combined with unfamiliar art activities and a hectic schedule.  I developed some symptoms which made me see a medical doctor. 

The docter advised me that I should go slower. I feel much better since I'm back exercising aqua aerobics and walking.

In hind sight the retraite was very well organised, most enjoyable and is highly recommended by all the ladies.